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New collaboration and exhibition at AAF Brussels

A new year always comes with good intentions and willingness to make it the best to date. Therefore I am proud to announce a new collaboration with gallerist, Eline Ten Horn, from ART-020. I am really looking forward to see where this wonderful collaboration will take us.


Article LXRY Magazine

Passie voor ambacht ‘Van computerbaan naar creatief bestaan’.

‘Longing for Lamu’ in Harpers Bazaar

In the feature ‘Bazaar Escape’ you can read a 7 pages interview by Maaike Beekers who visited Annelies during her last stay on the island of Lamu.


Video ‘Longing for Lamu’

An introduction for the ‘Longing for Lamu’ series by Annelies Damen Photography.

Honorable Mention for ‘Angalia’ and nomination for ‘Adabu’ in the category Fine Art at Black & White Spider Awards.

Winning an Honorable Mention for ‘Angalia’ in the category Fashion and a Nomination for ‘Adabu’ in the category Fine Art at the 14th Black & White Spider Awards, October 2019

Exhibition ‘Longing for Lamu’ due to positive reception is extended until 20 November at X BANK gallery.

Tableau Magazine

September 2019

Mixed Grill

September 2019

Donation of Luo 2 for ‘Art for Impact’ auction at Hermitage Amsterdam

Donation of ‘Luo 2’ for ‘Art for Impact’ auction organised by UWC, 20 September at Hermitage Amsterdam.

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